Be Vulnerable <3

I’m thankful for a God who shared such vulnerable stories of the people following Him in the Bible. I am thankful that the Bible does not spin the flaws and weaknesses of its heroes. I am thankful that God shared the story of Moses failing…and Peter rebuking God… and Jonah being a coward… and Jacob being a liar. And John Mark deserting Paul… and Jeremiah being depressed. And Thomas doubting… I am thankful because it shows me that God allowed messy people to follow Him and all these people seem to send the same message: that every human being on earth, regardless of their gifts and strengths, is weak, vulnerable, and dependent on God.

I think that is why God blessed us with His Church. He knew that each of us come with baggage. Each of us are weak in our own ways and reliant on God, but this isn’t always a bad thing when we come together for growth.

Lately I’ve been thinking about community. And I am so thankful for members of the Lords church who accept me in my weaknesses and my mess, but do not allow me to stay there. I am thankful to be rebuked when needed, challenged to grow, encouraged when I am down. And I am thankful for those who have decided to lock arms and run Christian race together.

Being vulnerable used to terrify me. I was afraid of being judged, afraid of being gossiped about, afraid of being looked down upon. But then I learned that the more vulnerable and truthful I am with a fellow Christian, the more they are the same with me, and I begin to see God work through our brokenness as we share and pray, seek counsel through His Word and grow in unity together through our struggles.

Whoever is still reading this, I just want to encourage you to come out of your shell and allow your brothers and sisters in Christ to share your burdens. Allow yourself to be molded by the Word of God…

Become involved in the community of believers who are turning to Gods Word for correction and instruction, and relying on His spirit for change.

Because it is in the sharing and studying that God begins working and the Gospel is displayed.

And for those of you who continuously do this, thank you. I see you, and I am encouraged by you. 💜

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