You’ll Understand When You’re Older

“you’ll understand when you’re older.”

People have said this to me multiple times, I always take it with a grain of salt because I know they mean well.

But I just don’t agree.. I believe experience is life’s greatest teacher, and yes perhaps more experience comes with age, but not every time. Age does not always equate wisdom.

There are children in India that get married at age 8 and become widowed at age 10, kicked out of the normalcy of life and have much more experience with grief and loss than I do. Much more experience with starting a life. And They will apply scripture much differently than or the average 60 year old.

I’ve taken care of 50 year olds in the hospital and have gotten to really know them, and learned that sometimes they are just as clueless about this life as I am.

There are high schoolers who feel great pain and loneliness and have been through countless things and have gained wisdom from it. There are some who are so wise in the scriptures, it blows me away, yet discounted because of their ages.

Teaching 1st-3rd graders has taught me that sometimes wisdom means “I don’t have all the answers.”
They taught me this because they constantly ask questions, not caring about their ignorance. “Why this?” “Why that?” It’s almost like we are afraid of this when we are older..

Yes, I fully understand that it says in Titus for old women to teach the young, and I’m excited to learn from older women, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes It seems like we use “you’ll understand when you’re older,” as a way to brush off young people and not learn from them. Especially in the churches. It’s like we emphasize Titus but discount 1 Timothy 4:12..

In turn, it becomes discouraging. And many young people get turned off, often leaving. Drawn away to people that treat them like they are leaders. Or that have answers for them.

In 2 Kings 5, a little girl is mentioned.. Naaman trusted her word enough to go to Elisha and be healed of leprosy. What if he did not trust her? What if he doubted her because she was a little girl?

I never want to discount someone because of their age and not learn from them. Nor do I want to be blown off because I’m just some young girl..

My biggest fear is to stop learning. I think it’s the most dangerous thing we can do as Christians.

I’m thankful for a God who does not discriminate on age.. He shows in His word time and time again, Lessons can be learned from every age, every generation.

It’s not only discouraging, but scary when we stop learning and brush it off as “too young” or “too old.”

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